1. The 1953 postcard is from Betty Marsh, who lived on the top floor of number 44, having moved there from number 31. Betty Marsh is in the laundry book. Mrs J Harris is Margaret Harris, wife of John Harris, and so in the convention of the time, she was “Mrs J Harris”. Philip is their son, born in 1949. John Harris was a member of the Harris family who owned the tobacconist in Petty Curie (am I spelling that correctly, I think not!!). John and Margaret Harris lived at 44 Lyndewode Road from 1952 to 1959. In about 1954, when I was about 3 years old, I buried my cousin Philip’s dinky truck in his sandpit in his garden, and his mother never forgave me. At my Mother’s 90th birthday Party in 2007, my cousin Philip admitted that he had lost his truck, and he had put the blame on me. I was finally cleared of this heinous crime. My Mother didn’t believe that Philip could have done such a thing, and still blamed me. So if anyone finds a small truck in the garden of 44 Lyndewode Road, please let me know. I gave Philip a replacement truck a few years ago, but he said it was the wrong colour.

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